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meeting Notes 2-19-2020

Published on 2/19/2020
Happy Thursday All!
Nice crowd again this week even in the cold!
Yoyo gave his update and he is doing great in calculus so he is looking at joining the math team at WAHS. He put a request that if anyone is heading to Lincolnpark Zoo he would very much like to go
Ivan was back after over coming his cold. He got a 98 on his anatomy test and he also rocked it on some medical jargon with the help of Dr Dave.
Both Ivan and Yoyo went to Springfield last weekend with the other in-bounds and they had a great time touring the Lincoln Museum and Library plus seeing the capital building.
Upcoming Events
This Friday we are serving at Teen Night at Our Savior Lutheran Church on Downer. The entrance to the gym is off of Garfield just east of View across from the old YMCA building. Linda is bringing the food and she asked that we be there by 8:15pm to help.
Aurora Business United and Fox Valley Chamber are holding a joint event at 1 E Benton (old library building) on Wednesday Feb 26th at 5:30pm. This will be a very well attended event and a great place to recruit new members and network your business.
Board of Directors meeting is Monday Feb 24th at Mercy Center Hospital Cafeteria at 7am.
Socks for Mutual Ground
Please bring in women's and children's socks for Antonio Del Torro's Eagle Scout project. Linda is collecting and we have until end of March. He is trying to have 2003 pairs so get shopping.
Dr. David Dominguez had his guest Daniel who is a real estate investor.
The procedures for guests and new members has been defined and Joel went over what the procedures for us. Guests and new members can attend our meetings 2 times as guests and we will pick up the cost of their meals. Once the application has been turned in the information on the applicant is posted here and in the News section of the web site. The club will have an opportunity to ask the applicant questions during one of our meetings. After the 2 weeks the board then votes on the applicant becoming a member.
Joe King from Physical Therapy Advantage was our guest speaker and posture police. He shared with us ideas on being healthier while working with more movement instead of sitting for hours at a time. He also suggested standing desks as well chairs with lumbar support or the Swiss Ball Chairs to help our backs.
Karen Olsen asked if he could help with her pain in the backside, Joe unfortunately isn't a marriage counselor.
Joe's office is located in The Clock Tower Plaza in North Aurora at Oak and Randall and he works with many kinds of insurance.
Lewis was glad for Joe King being there and for his sponsorship the past 2 years for Wine and Chocolate
Tom told us a bad joke
Steven is happy his dog is done with the cone and he learned that the dog loves the dog show on TV
Charlie brought up the article in the Rotarian Magazine about Venezuela and Victoria. Please read this article as it hits very close to home with us having Victoria and Ivan as a part of our club
Chris served on a panel about Venezuela last week
Dr Dave made a plug for the Fox Valley Concert coming up March 1 at The Norris Center.
Ryan is happy to be planning a trip for he and his wife, leaving the kids behind this time.
Joel brought up that Dr David D is now at Fairview Dental
Joe is proud for Delani and her accomplishments at Aurora Central Catholic Girls Basketball
Pot is over $400 and Karen Olsen had the winning ticket, but she pulled the 5 of hearts
That is it, thank you and have a great week!
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Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.