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Meeting Notes 2-5-2020

Published on 2/5/2020
Happy Wednesday After the Wine and Chocolate Event Day!
Wow what an incredible success our event was!! Attended by over 180 people sure added to the energy in the room. The final numbers are being finalized and we should have those at next Wednesday's meeting. Great job Karen Olsen for leading the event and for all who helped get it done!
Our meeting this week picked up on the whole energy thing as we had to add an extra table to room for all in attendance. We had quite a few guests including Antonio DelToro and family, Tammy Rodrigues, guest of Linda, Candace Thier our guest speaker, Dr David Dominguez was back, and he had a guest, sorry I did not write down his name.
Also in attendance was Susan Lindhal who turned in her application for membership. As is in our by-laws we post this here for 2 weeks and if any member has questions about her application they may contact Tom Clark. Susan will stand up at the next meeting for on opportunity for members to ask her questions.
Lewis Johnson has agreed to be our President Elect Nominee for the term of 2021-2022 and he will be going to President Elect Training in March with President Elect Joe Kosner. Thank you Lewis for making sure my term is only 1 year!
We missed Sue Debolt at the Wine and Chocolate this year as she attended to her husband Chris in the hospital. It was great news that he is doing better and we will continue to pray for him.
Guest Speaker
Candace Thier from Leaders In Transformational Education (LITE) spoke too us about this incredible non-profit that helps at risk youth ages 16 - 24 years of age. They help kids who have struggled in school or finding employment after getting out of school find pathways to excellence. You can find out more about this great organization at
Happy Dollar$
Karen Olsen was happy to have WC over with for another year and then she announced another wedding is coming up for the Olsen's. Brian had something to do with all of this stuff too.
A bunch of members were happy about the WC event and how everything went with positive comments frmo many of the attendees.
Dr Dave Siegfried announce that he not only has 1 new grandchild on the way, but there are 2 of them on the way!
Tom Clark picked his own crumpled ticket out of the hat but all he did was eliminate another card from the deck, so no winner again this week.
Next week we have Linda Kemp from the Aurora Noon Club and District Membership talking to us about membership.
So until then everyone have a great week!

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Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.