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October 24 Meeting Notes

 | Published on 10/24/2018
October 24 2018

Youth Exchange
We are in desperate need of host families for Noah as well as for next years in coming student. Please think of friends and family in District 129 who may be interested.
We will not have any outbound students from Aurora this year but there are a few interested for next year.
Noah had a special treat for dinner last week, he had a really good steak. I guess if you are deprived so long Golden Coral steak tastes good.

Upcoming Events
Nov 4 3pm - 6pm we will be partying up at D and G Brewery in St Charles. This is the brain child of Guy Groot's daughter and son in-law.

Nov 16 8 am we will be assemble the Reindeer Hospital Festival of Lights display at Phillips Park. Please help as the more we have the less time it takes.

Dec 15th and 22nd we will be collecting donations at the Festival of Lights in Phillips Park

Guest Speaker
Suzanne Stegeman Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry
The pantry has 6000 patrons per year with 86% below poverty level and 38% under 18 years of age. There are services available for students at West and East Aurora High Schools.  To learn more or to volunteer please go to their website 

 Aurora Sunrise Rotary Club 
Club President
Lewis Johnson

Ryan Ivemeyer 
Joe Kosner

Sue Debolt



Harriet Parker
Sergeant At Arms
Dan Howard

Aurora Sunrise Rotary Board Members

Lewis Johnson
Joe Kosner
Joel Huffman
Harriet Parker
Charlie Schmalz
Sue Debolt
 Ryan Ivemeyer
  Victoria was a recent in-bound from Venezuela and she has returned to pursue her college education. Now that she is graduating she is looking for employment to obtain her work visa.We never forget those who have gone out-bound or those we have been able to host for a year as an in-bound. Help Victoria find a position in her field which is Health Science and Biology with minor Chemistry and Physiology.

Victoria Resume

  Who Does Aurora Sunrise Rotary Help?

Mutual Ground
Teen Night

Elder Care Center

Fox Valley Christian Action
Aurora Inter-Faith Food Pantry
Once a month we stock the shelves on a Monday

Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.