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Meeting Notes 10-17-2018

Published on 10/17/2018
Meeting Notes 10/17/2018

We were in the missing Pres. Linda formation and Pres. Elect Joel took the gavel on a test run. He did so good that we will let him be President next year.

This Saturday is Rotary 6450 training in Burr Ridge. If you would like to learn more about grants, and the district or RI in general please click on the RI District 6450 tab on the top of the page for details

Lynn O'Shea from AID was our guest speaker today and she told us that their capitol campaign has been a great success and they are just $45k from their goal of $2.5 million. To learn more about them please go to their website below.

Noah has been doing great and he finished Cross Country with a 21 out of 75 conference finals. He saw many movies over the weekend including some of the new scarier Halloween movies.
We are looking for the next host family for Noah so please think about it and let Joel know if you know of anyone who might be interested.

Dave Siegfried told us about the Fox Valley Concert Band upcoming schedule at The Norris Center in St Charles. If you enjoy music give this a try, they are great!
Nov 4 Heroes in Music
Dec 9 Home for the Holidays
March 3 American Scenes II
May 5 Reconnected

Paul Connolly from Sagittarius Services an IT company has turned his application in to Tom Clark for membership. If you have any thoughts or concerns please talk to Tom before 10/30/2018. Paul's sponsor is Judd Lofchie.

Speaking of Tom he had the winning ticket for our 50/50 but did not get the King of Clubs, aaaawwww.

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Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.