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Meeting Notes 4/19/2017

Published on 4/19/2017
The meeting started promptly at 7am. Chris through some off so there were some extra late dollars paid today.

Saturday Chris will be leaving for Uganda to follow up on the Luwero water project. Our grant application is into the District Governor so we should hear shortly on the approval. Chris will be meeting with a different club in Uganda who may be more helpful with the project.

Chloe Report
Chloe will be moving this week to the Smith's whose daughter Madeline is in the Faroe Islands. They live in North Aurora at Rt 25 and Butterfield and she may need rides to meetings in the future.

Guest Speaker
Caroline Olinger and Bill from Seniors Helping Seniors spoke to us today. Seniors Helping Seniors is a business to help seniors who may be living alone or those who have memory difficulties. They provide companionship as well as doing some cooking or whatever is needed. Seniors Helping Seniors can be reached at 630-937-4246.

Wine and Chocolate
Now is the time to solicit sponsors for our event in 2018. If you are able to obtain commitments we can worry about payment later. If you obtain any auction items you can give those to Joe and he will store them. The Sponsorship forms and Donation forms are on the Home page of this site.

Next Week Speaker Cynthia Wade will speaking about her none profit for women.

Joel was once again absent for the $50 pot drawing, leaving the door open for Joe who had the winning number, but pulled the 6 of diamonds from the deck.

Happy $'s
Charlie will be traveling to Hungry over the next few weeks and Dr. Dave will be heading to Peru and Bolivia.
Chloe thanked the Kosner's for opening their home to her and for making her feel like family.
Joe was thankful for having Chloe spend time with his family and for the wonderful experience.
Dr. Dave also brought up the 2016 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION CHICAGO CUBS exciting come from behind victory Tuesday evening.
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Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.