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Meeting Notes 1/28/2015

Published on 2/10/2015

January 28, 2015


Our meeting March 11th will be held at Lifespring 517 College Ave Aurora




Dr Eva Serrano, Perla Camacho, Marisela Mascote and Lillian Martinez from LASO Aurora University


Wine And Chocolate Thoughts


The event was a tremendous success and there were some great stories to come out of the night.


Rich was amazed at the event and it exceeded his expectations as a first time attendee.


Peter as was especially moved by Luis Cepeda’s comments and the reference to a long ago conversation that led Luis to Rotary Exchange.


An Aurora Police officer, in attendance kept asking Joel questions about what our club does. He was amazed with how great of an event we had.


Thanks goes out to the entire club for the effort it takes to pull off such an event. There were also positive comments left on Square for the efficiency of the check-out process.


Guest Speakers



Latin American Student Organization from Aurora University told us about the trip they took to Los Angeles for National Council of La Raza. Our club helped them in their fundraising for this Hispanic leadership conference.

There are 30 students in LASO at AU and 11 attended the conference. There were many different sessions held and they were able to choose those that meant the most to them. It was a definite growing experience for them.


This year LASO at AU hosted Power Up to 220 high school students. These young adults are doing a great job of leadership in their community and we are proud to help them.


Happy $’s


Laura – Miss Columbia won the Miss Universe competition

Tom – Social Security check is coming in

Dave – Happy to see the future leaders in our youth

Sue – Happy to see Alyssa’s leadership skills coming out

Peter – Text from his son David that he passed his entrance exam for dental school




Laura had the winning ticket but drew the 6 of hearts.

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  Who Does Aurora Sunrise Rotary Help?

Mutual Ground
Teen Night

Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry

Urban Youth Ministry
Fox Valley Christian Action
Aurora Inter-Faith Food Pantry

Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.