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Meeting Notes November 11, 2014

 | Published on 11/13/2014

November 11, 2014


“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country's cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.” – Abraham Lincoln

Guests and Visiting Rotarians

Brett Burton – guest of Joe Kosner, Asst. Principal West Aurora HS

Jennifer Carillo – junior at WAHS and outbound exchange student 2015-2016


Laura & Lorenz Update

Laura and Lorenz spent a Saturday in Chicago with other exchange students. While the girls shopped, Lorenz waited.

They both had a Golden Corral experience and came away stuffed.

Laura will be performing in the winter concert at WAHS December 4th. Laura also joined a new club at WAHS, the detention club. She is excelling at detentions with 5 this year.


Youth Exchange

Applications are due November 22nd and they are starting to come in. There are 7 out of 10 out-bounds from Aurora with 6 from West and 1 from East.


Festival of Lights

November 22 we will be putting together a light display at Phillips Park. So far we have Joe, Tom, Jack, Kelly and Chris. This event is for the Noon Club and their Festival of Lights display in Phillips Park. We will begin at 8:30am.


Wine and Chocolate

We are on our way to planning the event. Sponsorships should be turned in to Joe Kosner. We are talking to some printers about doing the booklet and tickets.



We skyped briefly with Juraj from Slovakia. He is enjoying himself and keeping himself busy. He was disappointed that Chris has decided to take the Presidency next year, he thought he would come back for that. It is always good to catch up with students and to see how Rotary has helped transform their lives.



The pot is growing and this week it was $240. Karen Olsen had the winning ticket but the joker alluded her once again.

 Aurora Sunrise Rotary Club 
Club President
Lewis Johnson

Ryan Ivemeyer 
Joe Kosner

Sue Debolt



Harriet Parker
Sergeant At Arms
Dan Howard

Aurora Sunrise Rotary Board Members

Lewis Johnson
Joe Kosner
Joel Huffman
Harriet Parker
Charlie Schmalz
Sue Debolt
 Ryan Ivemeyer
  Victoria was a recent in-bound from Venezuela and she has returned to pursue her college education. Now that she is graduating she is looking for employment to obtain her work visa.We never forget those who have gone out-bound or those we have been able to host for a year as an in-bound. Help Victoria find a position in her field which is Health Science and Biology with minor Chemistry and Physiology.

Victoria Resume

  Who Does Aurora Sunrise Rotary Help?

Mutual Ground
Teen Night

Elder Care Center

Fox Valley Christian Action
Aurora Inter-Faith Food Pantry
Once a month we stock the shelves on a Monday

Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.