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Meeting October 28

Published on 10/31/2014

October 29, 2014


Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams a reality---Jonas Salk(discoverer and developer of polio vaccine)


Visitors and a Long lost Member

Eva Sorano – Aurora University, guest of Joel

Tony Hundsberger – Helath Markets, guest of Harriet

Deena Sherman – Writer Beacon News, guest of Charlie and Karen Olsen

Jemina Moreno – Outbound 2015-2016 candidate

Jose Castaneda – Outbound 2015-2016 candidate

Karen Sims – Long Lost Member, great to see you again!


Youth Update

Laura spoke up first and she shared with us about a trip to a haunted house. She said that Lorenz was scared, screaming and crying the entire time. Laura and her host sister, Julieta, decided to go on an adventure to try-out for a musical at the Prisco Center. They didn’t have a ride so they biked and scootered their way to the try-out. After that effort they better make it. Laur also had the opportunity to go flying in a little Cesna to see the sights of Aurora through the air.

Lorenz celebrated his 17th birthday with his host family and he had a great time.

Together they had the opportunity to go to Midevil Times, Six Flags and they enjoyed Breast Cancer Awareness Day at the West Aurora football game.



Stickers were caught up on the tracking board for inviting guests and they were plentiful. It is great to see all of the new faces at our meetings.

Mark Stiehm has also turned in his application for membership. Sponsored by Peter Dominguez, who made it a condition of marrying Peter’s daughter.


Wine & Chocolate

Sponsorship letters have been emailed out to everyone and we need everyone to bring in at least 1 sponsorship. We also passed around the basket ideas and everyone is expected to take at least 1 basket idea for the auction.

The event will be up on the website soon as well as any documents that are needed.


Aurora Inter Faith Food Pantry

Gala event will be held Saturday Nov. 8th at Piper’s Banquets in Aurora. The club is a Mayflower Sponsor and we have tickets available.


Next Meeting

We will not have a morning meeting on November 5th, we will instead meet at 12:00pm with the Noon Club for a Rotary International Day at Two Brothers Roundhouse in downtown Aurora.


Charlie had the winning ticket and received the $10 automatic winner for the last meeting of the month. He didn’t let Joel touch anything but he still pulled the 3 clubs instead of the Joker.


Happy $’s

Chris – will be going to Uganda and Central Africa to observe some non-profits in January

Harriet – Gets to see her grand-daughter from Seattle for the first time this weekend.

Joe – Thankful for the prayers being answered for Jen Waters who was hit by a car in Spain while on study.

Dave – Happy with such great attendance even though our guest speaker did not make it.

 Aurora Sunrise Rotary Club 
Club President
Ryan Ivemeyer

Joe Kosner

Sue Debolt



Dan Howard
Sergeant At Arms
Steven Joffe

Aurora Sunrise Rotary Board Members

Ryan Ivemeyer
Joe Kosner
Joel Huffman
Dan Howard
Charlie Schmalz
Sue Debolt
 Tom Clark

  Who Does Aurora Sunrise Rotary Help?

Mutual Ground
Teen Night

Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry

Urban Youth Ministry
Fox Valley Christian Action
Aurora Inter-Faith Food Pantry

Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.