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September 17th Meeting Notes

Published on 9/21/2014

September 17th 2014

“I wanted to be a veterinarian until I saw a video of a vet performing surgery on a dog. Then I decided I wanted to be a pianist.” Amy Lee

September 24th meeting has been cancelled due to club Youth Exchange interviews that evening at Waubonsee Community College

Guests and visiting Rotarians

Pam Bellm – Aurora Noon Club

Megan Hicks – Exchange student from Australia 1997 and her husband Joel and father Dennis

Important Dates

October 15 – Noon Club Oktoberfest

October 17thTrip scheduled to Rotary International Headquarters

November 13thFeed My Starving Children with Noon Club


Youth Exchange

Lorenz spent time at Starved Rock with his host family. Laura and Lorenz met Rosa, from Finland, in Chicago. Together they visited Millenium Park, The Bean and Garrett’s Popcorn.

Laura gave a sales pitch to help her host brother sell Boy Scouts popcorn.

Alyssa and Eric are enjoying their time in Belgium and Thailand as they immerse themselves into a new culture and new families.

Please refer to Youth Exchange for important dates coming up.


Club Administration

Charlie has decided to take some time traveling and spending time with his family. As Charlie will be away from the club for long periods of time he has stepped down as chair of the Club Administration. The position will then be taken over by Joe Kosner. Charlie we are extremely grateful for your dedication and even though you are not leaving the club we will miss your leadership. We hope that you and Mary enjoy your time together as nobody deserves more than you two.


Aurora Noon Club Phillips Park Festival of Lights

Pam Bellm is the person in charge of volunteer groups for set up and taking down of the light displays. There is a need for more groups to help with this project and our club is looking for someone to be a team captain for this event. The Noon Club has been very generous with helping our exchange programs and we should show our support in their most important fund raiser. The need is 6-8 volunteers to help set up the Friday prior to Thanksgiving and then take down after Christmas.

Megan Hicks – Former In-Bound From Australia 1997

For those who have hosted an exchange student for anytime you understand the bond between families and those students. Megan spent time with the Dominguez family during her year of exchange in 1997 and they have kept in touch since then. This week her host sister is getting married and she came back for the wedding along with her husband and father. Megan told us how her year on exchange changed her life for the better and how it helped her become the adult, wife and mother she is today. There is a great deal of confidence gained from being in a foreign land far from home for an entire year. New family is found, lifelong friendships are made.


Happy Buck$

Tom will be heading out and spending time with family golfing in Iowa. Tom also got to spend time with Megan and her family.


Peter walked his daughter Amanda down the aisle Saturday and an amazing time was had by all.


Joel golfed at University of Illinois Alumni outing and his team won.

Joel helped to teach his son his first swear word and amazingly enough it wasn’t on the golf course.


50/50 Raffle

The winning ticket was pulled for a chance at $180. It seems that Laura has the ticket again this week but she left for school before the drawing. We will catch up with her at our next meeting for a chance to find the Joker.
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Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.